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Guest DJ PETTO Wk26 2018

On Wednesday 27 June 2018 11:44 CEST by Michel de Winter

PETTØ wil be present at Satisfactory met Jaydee / Robin Albers. He wil open the night B2B with TCTCS.

Also you can see him on the live stream from Radio Hi-Tec 27-06-2018 @ 21.00 hrs. B2B with TCTCS

PETTØ live @ Stage Music Cafe this Friday ❤️

PETTØ, the moniker of Sebastian Tarantino, is an emerging artist on the Dutch electronic scene. Bands as Kiss, Nirvana, Bestie Boys, and House of Pain marked his musical testes at the late 90's, but Daft Punk album debut Homework in 1997 marked his desire to go deeper in the electronic music and he started in 2006 as a Dj.

He organized several private parties and played in some clubs in Buenos Aires, Argentina's Capital City. In 2012 he moved to Norway where he played in many clubs around the country.

In 2018 Pettø moved again ,this time to the Netherlands where he played in some online radios and is creating a path in the Dutch electronic scene.

His Dj sets are characterized by tech-house / techno styles, having an infectious melody with some darkness in it.

Also, Pettø started his own productions at the end of 2016 being "Nave" his first realease during 2017.

Pettø best side can be seen and hear in his presentations and productions, so no best advice than experience it by yourself

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