Radio Hi-Tec // Guest DJ Sceptical C Wk27 2018

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Guest DJ Sceptical C Wk27 2018

On Wednesday 04 July 2018 12:53 CEST by Michel de Winter

 Proud to present SCEPTICAL C

Corné van der Heijden Was born and raised in Curacao N.A. and Eindhoven, this Antillean boy got raised with allot of musical styles which he still carries with him in his veins. After finding his love in spinning vinyl, he had to move to Holland for studying. This is where he came in contact with his love for electronic music.

With a little help of his good friend, teacher and ½ STU Bro's partner, Tachini, he started working with Ableton Live, Cubase and Fruityloops. Together they battled a long way to reach a high level of Techno, which would make you move your body and brains on the dance floor till you popped! Nowadays he's releasing material on Elektrax Rec. // Mastertraxx // Burn-Audio // Common Good // Flatlife Rec. // Trust Recordings // Red Section // Kucera Rec. // Gobsmacked Rec. // Extorsion Group Rec.// Gayle San Rec.(GSR) // Naked Lunch // BassAssault Rec. to name a few.

More releases to follow soon, so this won't be the last you've heard of him! The motto he goes by nowadays and that has been told to him by a good friend is:

"Don't speak anymore…let the beats do this for you!"

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