Radio Hi-Tec // Guest DJ Luca Ferrix Wk34 2018

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Guest DJ Luca Ferrix Wk34 2018

On Monday 10 September 2018 12:50 CEST by Michel de Winter

Born in Italy in the early 80s, Luca started to love electronic music when he turned 16.
Soon became fan of the best clubs in his home town,
Torino, and got more and more interested into Trance.
He started as a "bedroom" controllerist dj by then, playing at friends parties and creating mixes for his fellows, meanwhile trying to define his own style.
Life brought him to France for his studies, and then back to his home town, and eventually ended up in the Netherlands in 2015.
Now living in a country where the club and festivals culture is part of the daily life, and with his music tastes evolving,
he decided to give a more serious twist to his hobby: he bought real turntables, and got ready to hit the scene to propose his musical selections, ranging from deep, evolving and touchy sounds to high energetic melodies.

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