Radio Hi-Tec // Guest DJ's Baked 'n Soda Wk35 2018

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Guest DJ's Baked 'n Soda Wk35 2018

On Monday 10 September 2018 12:58 CEST by Michel de Winter

BAKED 'n SODA is a DJ & producer duo from the Netherlands. Complementing there Dj'ing with a Producer back ground you'll always find new funky tracks that you have not heard before. All sets are live and thus you'll never hear the same thing twice !

Johan (BAKED) originating from a Techno back ground as Dorian Grey started with a new more funky project called BAKED solo producing Funky Tech House music and organising events such as #BUZZIN (Stairway to heaven Utrecht), soon after that he met Martijn (SODA) while doin a gig on 4Play. They descided to do a back to back set and the collaboration worked so well they created BAKED 'n SODA. What followed where Funky uptempo Tech House sets and tracks.
Right now the duo is working on there first releases.
But that does not mean they don't spin the wheels of steel.
BAKED 'n SODA Has allready performed on many Platforms such as :
The Dutch DJ Championship 2017,
Baas van het Plein
Live palace (Gulpen)
Bonbonerie (Maastricht)
Coconuts (Rotterdam)
Amsterdam Most Wanted (Amsterdam)
And of course

" Funky beats and Gritty vinyl, That's whats up "

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