Radio Hi-Tec // Kid de Luca featuring Sir Llewy - Waiting (Extended)

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Kid de Luca featuring Sir Llewy - Waiting (Extended)

On Monday 15 October 2012 15:19 CEST by Michel de Winter

Meet Kid de Luca. Producer and DJ Maik Cox has outgrown his old stage name of Mickey C and retreated for a year in the deep heart of Limburg and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to reinvent himself and his sound, rise up, and take the stage as never before.

Kid de Luca is not one for idle work. After twelve years of hard work behind the drums and graduating at the Dutch Academy of Pop Music, he took the dance scene by storm as a producer and DJ. He showcased his skills at many national and international festivals and parties, worked for well known acts, radio, tv ,record labels and organised several successful club nights known as Club Du Longue.

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