Radio Hi-Tec // Zedd ft Ellie Goulding - Fall Into The Sky

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Zedd ft Ellie Goulding - Fall Into The Sky

On Wednesday 07 November 2012 14:42 CET by DJ Impression

As far as Dance breakthroughs are concerned, few have come in the same demand as Germany’s Anton Zaslavski. But under the guise of his renowned studio alias Zedd, the aftermath of his debut full-length, ‘Clarity‘, sees him joined by Lucky Date and Ellie Goulding to treat us with the full version of one of his album’s heavier-set tracks, ‘Fall Into The Sky’. Mixing slow synths, angelic vocals à la Ellie Goulding and hard-hitting drops, the unique contrast sets ‘Fall Into The Sky’ apart from the hordes of Electro-savvy post-summer contenders with consistent stamina.