Radio Hi-Tec // Guest DJ Amnam Wk43 2018

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Guest DJ Amnam Wk43 2018

On Tuesday 23 October 2018 17:59 CEST by Michel de Winter

Amnam’s sound is recognizable by a mix of Psytrance subgenres like Oldschool, Full-on, Progressive and Dark. This turns every mix into a trip where you won’t know what to expect.

After discovering Psytrance in 2009 Amnam experienced elements and techniques he had never heard before. He was sold instantly and dove deeper into the genre. Since his start at mixing in 2013 Amnam quickly went on to DJ at Psytrance parties.

Once every six weeks on Friday night he hosts’ his own radioshow called ‘Psychedelic FREAKquency’ on, one of the oldest radio stations in the Netherlands. Amnam is also part of ‘BoomBats’, an organisation that spreads Psychedelic frequencies in the southern parts of the Netherlands.

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